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How is Black Garlic Made?


Believe it or not, nothing is added to the fresh organic garlic when it is transformed into black garlic. The heat and humidity create an environment that let the natural sugars and enzymes within the garlic do their own thing. What’s more, the shelf life of black garlic bulbs is 6 months at room temperature, much longer than raw garlic. It is recommended that you store the peeled cloves in refrigerator once opening so they don’t dry out – they last up to six months as well, but you’ll like to eat and cook with them so much they’ll be gone long before then!

Black Garlic Man describes the process – let him inform you!

Aged and Fermented Organic Raw Garlic
All Natural, No Additives
Black in Color, Sweet & Savory in Flavor
Soft Like Dried Fruit
No Garlic Breath!
Twice the Antioxidants of Raw Garlic
Use in Sauces, Meats, Pizza, Veggies – the Possibilities are Endless!


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3 Responses to "How is Black Garlic Made?"

  1. BlackGarlicMan says:

    The process starts with planting in October and then harvesting in July. followed by a proprietary process that turns the then-white garlic into beautiful black garlic.

  2. BlackGarlicMan says:

    Over 100,000 seed cloves were planted this October (2014) for harvesting in July 2015!

  3. BlackGarlicMan says:

    All done by our great friends, relatives and producers of the best black garlic in the world – Obis One! They are the largest producer of artisinal, organic, black garlic in the United States and the oldest operating farm in the state of New Jersey!

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