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Kielbasa and Cabbage “Hash” with Black Garlic

kielbasa-cabbage-hashI had some leftover cabbage and kielbasa and wanted to make a one-skillet dish for dinner. I did a little looking around online, but decided to make it mostly by feel. It turned out to be a hearty, warming (on our still cold spring days), and delicious dish. Here’s what I made!

  • One kielbasa or smoked sausage link (about 12-14 ounces)
  • Half a head of cabbage, sliced very thin (or I used the shredded, bagged stuff)
  • One red onion, sliced thin
  • One large potato, small dice
  • Small can of tomato sauce
  • Several good shakes of Obis One Black Crack or 2-4 black garlic cloves, finely minced
  • Salt and pepper

Slice kielbasa lengthwise and then slice into half-moons. In large, oven-safe skillet, with a bit of oil, sautee kielbasa until well-browned and slightly crispy. Remove kielbasa from skillet and set aside. In remaining fat in pan, sautee onion until softened and slightly brown. Add cabbage and cook another 5 minutes or so. Add diced potatoes and mix well in pan. Add tomato sauce and reserved kielbasa and mix well. Season well with black garlic, salt and pepper.

Place in 350 degree oven and cook for approximately 30 minutes. Serve on plates and enjoy!

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