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About Us

We are in love – with black garlic! is a blog/website created to present information about black garlic – how it’s made, where to buy it and how to use it.  Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about what happens when you visit our site.

While black garlic products are available from a variety of sources, both online and offline, we generally promote our preferred vendor.  We feel this vendor creates the finest organic black garlic products available from any source – and we are proud to promote them.

Our preferred vendor is Obis One, LLC. Obis One, LLC, located In Salem County, NJ, at the Obisquahassit farm (circa 1670) produces black garlic products, as well as many other organically-grown vegetables.  The farm is a family-run operation that grows and produces premium products, invests in their community and exists to serve its customers – and will go to lengths to make a prospective customer a new customer!  We’re proud to promote them and their lovingly-created products – and in the nature of full disclosure the family that runs Obis One are also our family members, as well as truly wonderful and generous people …

While we promote the products of Obis One LLC, we do not have a direct business association with them. We do not receive any financial compensation from Obis One LLC and provide this information because we truly feel they produce some of the finest organic produce available.


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  1. I would very much like to purchase black garlic, but am unable to make the appropriate contact. As the preferred vendor for obisone, perhaps you would be kind enough to call me at 207-596-3079.

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