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Got a Question?

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  1. Margaret Robinson says:

    Hi —

    Found the Black Garlic online (finally) that Obis One produces, but still can’t find out how it goes from Black Garlic to the Black Crack. Can you help, please? I’ve used Black Garlic for about 5 years but this Black Crack is intriguing. Hopefully the price of it will come down as more interest is “cultivated” amongst restauranteurs and foodies.

    This blog is fun and informative! Thanks – MMR

    1. BlackGarlicMan says:

      Well, the short answer is that Black Crack is black garlic that has been dried and then broken/chopped into small pieces. It is then placed in a jar with a “grinder” top (like a black pepper grinder), so that the consumer can grind it on their food to get smaller grains, but also get some of the freshness of the product from the grinding process. I will try and forward this question to Obis One and see if they have a better or more informative answer. Thanks for the question and thanks for the compliment on the blog!

  2. Doug Durrett says:

    My Son gave me a large package of peeled black garlic and I need to know if I can freeze it?

    1. BlackGarlicMan says:

      Unfortunately, the peeled black garlic cloves don’t freeze well. However, in a sealed container in the refrigerator, they should be fine for about six months. Hope that helps and thanks for the comment!

      1. Doug Durrett says:

        Thank you very much, I’ll just use more. Love this stuff.

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